Established 1988

ACS was founded by catalyst experts versed in all disciplines associated with successful catalyst manufacturing, development, and sales in the US and internationally.  ACS principals have been instrumental in the development of multiple breakthrough catalyst inventions resulting in over 30 US patents. ACS enjoys a reputation of providing the highest quality products and customer services in the industry.

Vertically Integrated

ACS manufactures all components of the catalyst products we sell. “Vertical integration” ensures ACS is the lowest cost producer, has the flexibility to respond quickly to emergency requirements, and optimizes product quality. Many catalyst manufacturers offer ancillary products required to promote catalyst sales such as exhaust gas silencers and catalyst housings. By focusing exclusively on catalyst manufacturing, ACS ensures the highest attention to detail and quality.

Rapid Design Response

ACS takes pride in our rapid response for customer service. ACS has integrated each step of the catalyst manufacturing process producing all sheet metal components, catalyst precursors, and precious metal formulations in house allows us to respond rapidly to design changes and prototype development.

In-House Labratory

ACS maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory for catalyst diagnostic and optimization studies. Lab services include non-destructive catalyst activity characterization, catalyst washing services, post-mortem diagnostic analysis, contaminant analysis, precious metal recycling, and next generation catalyst formulation and optimization.