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platinum bright embers

The Platinum Bright Difference


Platinum Bright Embers (PBE) are catalytic embers for your vented gas fireplace or log set. When placed on top of existing mineral wool ember beds, the catalytic embers combust unburned fuel from the burner to provide a dynamically more realistic looking ember. In addition to creating a bright flickering appearance like that of real wood ember beds, these embers radiate broadband infrared heat, creating a warmer fire and reducing the formation of soot.


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Our Standard PBE Kit (Part #113001) contains one single bag of five (5) grams of Platinum Bright Embers. This is enough material to dress up log sets up to 42 inches.

STANDARD PACKAGE PART #113001: $26.99 + $5 shipping (international shipping rates may vary and are subject to change at time of order)

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Platinum Bright Embers work by combusting fugitive hydrocarbons from the burner catalytically which cause the embers to flow and fluoresce. Good combustion requires fuel and air so proper installation is key to the best aesthetic and efficiency improvements to the fireplace. Begin by lighting the fire after proper installation. Using a pair of long needle nose pliers or hemostats, take a single square of the PBE, gently pull it apart to expose more air to the internal parts of the ember and place at the base of the fire atop the existing mineral wool fibers, vermiculite, or sand. Once the ember reacts with the fuel and air, it will begin to glow providing a visual indication of how the product is intended to work. Place the remaining embers according to your preference taking care not to clump the material together. If starved for combustion air, the embers will fail to glow. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact ACS customer service for more information.

unvented fireplaces

Platinum Bright Embers are intended as a supplement to mineral wool embers in vented gas fireplaces. They have been tested extensively with non-vented gas fires and have been proven to improve the combustion efficiency of these appliances. However, because the emission profiles of these appliances are regulated, ACS cannot recommend installing our PBE in any unvented or vent-free gas fireplace as a retrofit. Many manufacturers of unvented gas fires include our product with theirs as an OEM offering. In these instances, the OEM has verified the emission profile of the fireplace including the PBE and they are perfectly safe to operate. For compatibility with your unvented or vent-free gas fire, please consult with the OEM to ensure that your appliance has been tested for compliance with emissions regulations using the PBE. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact ACS customer service for more information.