DEOXO Catalysts

ACS’ Deoxo catalyst is used both internationally and domestically. A typical use for this catalyst is the removal of oxygen from nitrogen. In this application, nitrogen containing trace amounts of oxygen is passed over the catalyst bed at room temperature. The catalyst dissociates the oxygen molecules from the nitrogen, making them receptive to reaction with hydrogen fed into the process stream to create water according to the following stoichiometry:

2H2 + O2 ——> 2H2O

This catalyst can easily be configured to react with and remove hydrogen from exhaust streams.

ACS’ Deoxo catalysts can be made with either platinum or palladium based precious metals and are typically impregnated on alumina oxide (Al2O3) spheres, pellets, or extrudites. The catalyst can operate at atmospheric pressures up to several hundred PSI. Let our experience with Oxygen removal help purify your exhaust streams.